Need a rush of energy? Want to feel sexy, strong and worthy? Need to be reminded that you’re the dopest bitch in these streets? 


Then, meet Jen Jones


Jones is a soulful, retro-futuristic artist with a raw voice and empowered lyrics. Unapologetically herself and challenging you to be yours. With her latest single “So Sick” a unique clash of genres comes forth to give us the feminine power anthem the anti-patriarchy crowd has been waiting for. “Ever seen a pretty bitch who can unload the clip with the flick of the wrist. Cause I'm so sick sick sick sick sick sick sick.”


If the modern woman of today was in need of an anthem, we’ve found it.


Don’t get it twisted, Jones is not a pop-star, nor is she just the “black Amy Winehouse” although the comparison has been made. Jen isn’t singing for the fame, but rather the insistence from God. Yeah, we said it. And the Universe. Jones is into that shit and it works.


The singer/songwriter grew up despising her voice because it didn’t conform to societies standards. Her voice goes low. So low words take on new meaning and the lines of gender and genre are blurred. And yet there’s a familiarity in her voice, one might call it old-school, but Jones would probably tell you she’s an “old soul”. After all, there is something so effortlessly ’been there done that’ about her whole vibe. 


And if that’s the case, we all better listen carefully to what she has to say.

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